From economical cooperation to friendship network. Film XAU by Giorgio Cugno

XAU by G.Cugno_prod_Colombia_Egypt_USA_China_Ukraine_Italy_Still_IMG_06
Xau, Feature film – Dcp file 4K / 130′ / Colombia, Egypt, USA, China, Ukrine, Italy / 2016 (in production) courtesy the artist

“Authenticity as an effect of breaking down barriers: a path followed by Giorgio Cugno (b. 1979) through fiction that leads to — reveals — reality, making it possible to approach delicate questions on the social, political and economic plane, as well as personal, intimate, pathological, criminal level, and to restore dignity to man, centrality to nature. An affective compromise strengthens Cugno research, a path of formation and appropriation through the expressive medium, to be able to govern it in his own artistic output and transmit it to the people he involves in his projects, in relation to the territories in which they live” (Rebecca De Marchi). From the exploitation by Coca Cola Company of the local labor and even more the hydric resource of the Rio Cauca in Colombia to international networks, as in the case of the film XAU.

In fact, XAU is the feature film that he is shooting in several countries involving people with different cultural and social background. Starting from the gold mineral and its metaphorical potential, as a pretext, the movie aims to define and investigate the human relationships in our contemporary society, through the cinematographic fiction language. This language gives the chance to tell stories preserving the dignity of the real. XAU aspires to create, as well, a network between independent production companies, which is an important part of artistic strategy that always try to activate many collaborations between cultural and educational institutions, as well as economical and businesses.
The co-production of the film is not in an economic nature, but just of intents and it is realizing sharing technical resources and/or contacts within the territories and among the institutions involved in the project. Making a film focused on gold without using money, tries to redefine the production as a language, as another level able to express the central concepts of the script. At the moment he finished the first three chapters, in Colombia (produced by Andrea Estrada Gutierrez and Oscar Ruiz Navia — Contravia Film), Egypt (produced by Hossam Elouan — Transit Film) and United States (produced by Shrihari Sathe — Infinitum Productions). The fourth chapter will be produced within the Symposium of Contemporary Art BIRUCHIY — three weeks residency at Biruchiy island in Azov Sea on the South of Ukraine.

XAU by G.Cugno_prod_Colombia_Egypt_USA_China_Ukraine_Italy_Still_IMG_372
Xau, Feature film – Dcp file 4K / 130′ / Colombia, Egypt, USA, China, Ukrine, Italy / 2016     (in production)  courtesy the artist

XAU doesn’t want to be only a film, self-referentially speaking, but it aims to create as usually in a Giorgio Cugno’s works, an interaction between everyday life and the reality, to transmit an important and radical message: that it is possible to produce high level culture outside the economical jail, through an international mutual cooperation to establish a real network.

Considering this, I would like to propose a talk of Giorgio Cugno in a frame of discursive platform which we want to activate during the final phase of our collective project in Turin, in order to discuss together about his experience of working on XAU as well as some crucial aspects of it relevant to our curatorial prospective.

Sergey Kantsedal

2 thoughts on “From economical cooperation to friendship network. Film XAU by Giorgio Cugno”

  1. Cugno’s works suits perfectly in the dimension of our discursive platform.
    Reflecting on what is possibile to do without spending any money, considering that in a physical and tactile way, could be a great opportunity to redefine the real value of the market, its imposition, its boundaries, and the walls it builds. The way in which Cugno defines a network between people with their special capacities, is definitely a strength against a commercialization (speaking in marxist way about a reification and costly connection to a market-dominated reality) of the proper work-force of the men.
    Let’s speak with him in November!


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