Practice Matter – some technical worries to start designing our exhibition

As previously said to all the curators involved in the project, PIIGS_An Alternative Geography of Curating finally has at last a home. The exhibition will take place at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, from the 3rd to the the 6th of November. We will occupy the bookshop of the Fondazione, a large room that links the exhibition spaces to the caffetteria: it is about 25 meters long and 6 meters wide, a huge total-white space with which we have to deal with.
I attached below some photographs of the room; we will provide more material as soon as possible so as to you can start thinking a way to use the space in the best way possible.

Two more practical information:

1- The space has pros and cons: the plus is that is a highly visible and many people pass by, the cons are that it still is a hallway so it could lead to think of the projects either as something related to the bookshop or to something else. That’s the task: to design something immediately recognizable.

2- The exhibition has to be open roughly from 10am to 10pm everyday. We have schedule events during all the three days. We have to keep alive the vibe. We have to #occupySandretto


Michele Bertolino

2 thoughts on “Practice Matter – some technical worries to start designing our exhibition”

  1. Do you think would it be better leave it open or creating something that divide the room leaving a little hallway for the visitors and taking our own space? i mean not creating a completely isolated space but something in between half-open and half close.


    1. We definitely have to deal with s pace arrange like that. We can’t close ourself-in, some practical – institutional reason – don’t allow us to isolate ourself. Then conceptually it could be better to open up, to let people in, to be very clear: i mean to be recognizable and open.
      What about some transparent curtains?


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