Irish Observatory

The Observatory section of TALKING PIIGS offers us an opportunity to engage with both art practitioners and non art practitioners in discourse around the effects of the economic collapse in Ireland. Our methodology for the first set of interviews is quantitative; we will gather a range of information that expresses the mood of art practitioners during this period and assess its impact on their own professional practice. The reach of the survey will be national and include artists, curators, gallery owners and directors of arts institutions. A second collection of information will be from non art practitioners to allow reflection from both inside and outside the art world. Key themes that emerged as points of observation that will inform our enquiry and become important discussion points for PIIGS_An Alternative Geography of Curating are:

Cycles, financial and other. Where does art fit in these cycles?
Art world & hierarchy. What are the value systems associated with art? How do people use art? What does it mean to be an Irish artist to-day / during recession?

Sophie Behalf, Maeve Lynch, Steven Nestor, Rosie O’ Reilly and Benjamin Stafford

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