Sunday, 6th November

The conclusive day will be devoted to the pursuit of a common PIIGS Code. Thanks to the research of Marianna Liosi we will analyze the “spectatorship of the crisis”, while Emanuele Guidi and Oliver Ressler will discuss the artistic practice of Ressler. Next up, Mauro Folci will present an idealistic possibility of a human life bereft of capitalist accumulation’s, later, Cesare Pietroiusti’s workshop will focus on a plurilinguistic communication, despite different languages.


H. 11 – MARIANNA LIOSISpectatorship and economic crisis: the paradox of distant proximity. Marianna Liosi is independent curator based in Berlin. In her research she explores the notion of spectatorship with specific attention to media and technology. Starting from this perspective, she will interrogate what it means to look at the crisis through the amounts of images produced by those affected by it. Over the talk, she will explore the connection between spectatorship and the crisis by way of selected YouTube videos of protests against austerity measures shot by common citizens and shared online as well as art projects. Analysing these various visual fragments, she will open a reflection upon the effect of distance created by proximity, the additional narratives of the crisis traced by local and distant viewers, and self-representation and sharing as forms of activism of the spectator.

H. 12 – EMANUELE GUIDI + OLIVER RESSLER. Emanuele Guidi, curator at Ar/ge kunst in Bolzano, and the artist Oliver Ressler will debate on social and political themes. Starting from the explanation of the show Everything under control, Ressler’s first personal exhibition in Italy at ar/ge kunst, the panel will deal with the new discursive strategies and practices in art and curatorship during crisis.

H. 15 – MAURO FOLCI: The artist proposes a philosophical reflection around the term “vacation”, according to its etymological implications of void and its connection to Agamben’s and Foucault’s theories. Folci will start a lecture/performance about the linguistic problems suggested by crisis: the vacation will be intended as a power vacuum, as a state of exception and as expropriation of authority. The debate will deal also with the idealistic possibility of a human life freed from the effects of capitalistic accumulation.

H. 16 – CESARE PIETROIUSTI: The italian artist proposes a workshop about language and its specificities during our time. Since few years, he focuses on the importance of the mother tongue for a proper communication, during a historical moment where the Basic English determines a simplification of thought and language. The laboratory will focuses on a plurilinguistic communication, exploiting different meaning of particular words or expressions that have different semantic connotations in each language spoken in the curatorial group (Italian, Spanish, English, Greek, Portuguese). The workshop will take form as a talk open only to the curatorial team of PIIGS.

ZINE TIME: Every day, on the last hour, PIIGS Curators will be invited to take stock of the reflections and the work done during the day (producing a zine that summarizes ideas and debates emerged from the talks). On sunday, the closing day, a final meeting will be held where we will collect all the different contributions in the attempt to concretise the results of the previous days. Each contribution is completely free with no a priori editing, the curators are encouraged to write in their native language so to have a complex scenario expressing the immediate thoughts revolving in one’s own mind.
Zine Time can be defined along all day, without the duty to work on the last hour, as we develop our work in a “study space”.

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