Something about the non-exhibition strategy

Thomas Hirshhorn, Too Too – Much Much Necklace, 2010, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Courtesy the artist

We are strictly convinced that a main curatorial ethic should became a theme of our project (see Manifest). This is also relative to our exhibition. That’s why we invited each group (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) to propose one project that integrates with others in order to create a big one, where a multitude of voices will not only reflect about political, economical and cultural conditions which join us under a common umbrella term like PIIGS, but try also to turn-over such colonial logic reinventing our common identity projection in support of particular political theses, like solidarity to what is judged to be “the poor and mistreated”. Continue reading “Something about the non-exhibition strategy”


Cover of the album Manifest by Lyapis Trubetskoy

I was thinking a lot about PIIGS_An Alternative Geography of Curating last days and some considerations comes to my mind. I see them as a sort of suggestions for our common project as well as my personal curatorial ethic for the moment. I called it in a provocative manner a Manifest and would like immediately to share it with you. (Soundtrack)

context instead of work

engagement instead of participating

attitudes instead of form

values instead of costs Continue reading “IS MY MANIFEST ALSO YOURS?”