An Introduction

PIIGS_An Alternative Geography of Curating is a platform conceived by the curatorial team of Campo15 as a tool to develop a debate about the economic crisis and how it has affected artistic and curatorial practices. We would like to adopt the point of view from the margin of Europe of PIIGS nations (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), countries addressed as careless and negligent by international economic community. The curatorial team of Campo15 has invited to join a group of young colleagues from those countries, selected throughout masters, universities or on the independent curatorial scene.
From July onwards, this temporary curatorial community has activated a blog, with the aim to product analytical contributions and develop a project that will be publicly display in November at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, during Artissima Art Fair. In these days PIIGS curators will present an open format exhibition with talks, round tables, lectures and exhibitions.
TalkingPiigs is the virtual, online platform of exchange that gather the collective contributions. It’s divided in two main section: Our Exhibition and PIIGS Code.
Our Exhibition is where we talk about the collective exhibition and its organization.In Artists you can find suggestions on the artists we think can suitably address our topic.In the section What kind of Format? we talk about formats and exhibition methodology
with which we will synthesize our efforts in a final outcome.
Moreover, in Speaker’s Corner we suggest few names (such as philosophers, sociologists, economists) that could help us to understand better the situation we currently are, posting articles, quotations or books reviews. Those authors might also be invited during the panel debate we will held during the exhibition in November. This section is helpful for keep and maintain a dialogue between all the curators involved and for exchanging idea about each country’s intervention.
In PIIGS Code we want to create a common code, a common frame of references with articles that can let us deepen the comprehension of the topic, and maybe can focus better what we are trying to analyze. In this section you can publish articles about a general PIIGS Code, as you can already read, about artistic practices that can help us to understand the situation. Talking about Exhibitions is the section where we would like to make a recovery of some of the exhibitions that revolves around the topic of the crisis.
Observatory where we collect different interviews with cultural operators on how they feel and live after the 2008.
Count(er) Glossary is a section curated by economists that will provide us with a glossary of the more used and abused economical terms.
Annotated Bibliography is a list of books titles with a short review, so as to build a common theoretical ground.
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