Cesare Pietroiusti. The “economy” of language

Veronica Billi and Chiara Prodi, IL MANIFESTO DELLA LINGUA, in “La lingua degli affetti e del desiderio”, seminario condotto da Cesare Pietroiusti al Raum di Bologna (2016)
For conceptual reasons related to the article’s issue, this paper it is proposed in two languages, Italian and English (Italian version below)

One of the crux of PIIGS An Alternative Geography of Curating project is certainly the debate; the tool of comparison between different point of view, different practices and curatorial education, different cultures and languages.
Through the on-line platform, TalkingPiigs, we attempt to create shared language and a code that, in the course of time, became the common field where to reflect on. During the meetings of November and through discussions, talks and projections this dialogue will carry on; it will materialize in a concrete form also through an exhibition that in a dialogical way will try to create a narrative between the different curatorial project presented by each of the five nations involved. Continue reading “Cesare Pietroiusti. The “economy” of language”