The Financial Singing by Elena Mazzi

Elena Mazzi, The financial singing, 2014, installation view
One of the main goals of PIIGS and curators involved in this project must be – and it has been so far – try to understand how artists approach to the crisis. In my research I had the chance to meet Elena Mazzi (Reggio Emilia, 1984), an artist who is often dealing with the concept of crisis in its wider meaning, not only from the economic point of view.
“I’m working since long time on the crisis. In 2009 I was in L’Aquila and I lived the experience of the earthquake. I started to think about the crisis as an opportunity for positive change, the chance to start again, also thanks to Per Bak and his book How nature works, in which the Danish physicist compares ability of nature to self-organize and how so this is imitated by men”.
I had a chance to talk with Elena Mazzi about one of her works in particular, The financial singing (2014), a video installation with two screens that, through a graph and a singing performance, on the one hand it provides a real track of the trend Stock Exchange of a specific context (USA 1871-2011), the other a musical interpretation of the same.
“At a certain point in his book, Bak faces the economic issue, especially how men reacts to changes. And the Stock Exchange is one of the clearest reflections of the trend of contemporary society. It is an unpredictable complex system whose line is characterized by high and low. It is a structure in which you can find a not linear rhythm, but in some way it is cyclical. In my opinion the American Stock Exchange is the symbol of Western capitalist society that has determined the course of the twentieth century. Working closely with a soprano we transferred the graph on the pentagram. The same soprano subsequently played it in a singing performance “. Continue reading “The Financial Singing by Elena Mazzi”