A gaze from within: the social experience of Giulio Delvè

The recent research of Giulio Delvè (Naples, 1984), delves into the study of dominant social dynamics in gentrified spaces, especially in those contexts more harshly hit by this almost ten-year old crisis. Delvè’s approach to social dimensions is characterized by a direct participation in these social bounds, in order to gain a first-hand knowledge and experience of them, his artistic output is often expressed through sculpture-objects and installations marked by a metaphorical language. His gaze from within comes, all of a sudden, synthesized and through “sought objects” translated in a new meaning-form, despite their being firmly embedded in the real world.

Muralismi, a work-in-progress series, is composed by various graffiti’s colorful flakes of plaster, rearranged in order to form abstractly the setting from which they come from. My reflection is dedicated in this case to observation, not to painting: I needed a pretext to analyze a situation, a movement, a contingency much close to me”. Continue reading “A gaze from within: the social experience of Giulio Delvè”